Fashion is about something

Fashion is about something

that comes from within you.

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이태리 피렌체 AI 졸업생
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2018-04-26 11:39:29

이태리 피렌체 AI 졸업생 박지훈, 박지원



이태리 피렌체에 위치한 아카데미아 이탈리아나 (Accademia Italiana : AI) 패션디자인과 학부과정을 졸업한 박지원, 박지훈 형제

2012년 졸업생으로 현재 대전에서 니트웨어 숍으로 유명한 ‘얀 하우스 (Yarn House)' 대리점 / 프랜차이즈 패션 사업을 운영중


Ji Hun and Ji Won Park

Graduates of the Accademia Italiana propose their fashion in South Korea


At just an hour by train from Seoul, capital of the South Korean peninsula, in a city named Daejun, the Park brothers, new Asian fashion talents, live and work.

Ji Hun and Ji Won Park both completed their studies in Italy, attending the 3-year fashion design bachelor's degree programs at the Accademia Italiana.

Now they have returned to their native country where they manage a chain of knitwear shops named "Yarn House".

"Before we opened our first shop, that has now become the headquarters of our franchising company, there was nothing but farmland around here. Now from this building you can see one of the biggest shopping malls in the country" says Ji Hun, the younger of the two brothers.

In a country in continual economic development it seems that these brothers have found their place in the fashion field.

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